Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya, 20/10/2019. In my room, on a Saturday night, from around 1:50 am, to around 3:10 am, as I was trying to compose another song, as a part of my Sunday sermon that I have just finished writing, I stumbled at this one. I immediately suspected the first one, as this one proved easier to compose.

Chorus: Take care of your parents, blessed children of God
Take care of your parents, and delay no more
Whatever you can do, begin to do today
Take good care of them now, before it is too late.

1. Whatever your age now, you can still do something
If you don’t have so much, use just what you have
But make sure you start to, care for them right away
By and by God will make, you to have more to us.

2. If it is an apple, you have to give today
Wash it very well and, give it unto them
One day you will give to, them the beautiful keys
Of the house and the cars, that you have bought for them.

3. When returning from school, make sure you bring something
From the same money that, they sent unto you
Buy whatever you think, that will be good for them
This will serve as a prove, that you want to do more.

4. That your parents are rich, should not be an hindrance
No one is too rich to, be blessed by his child
A day is coming that, they will need your support
You better start it now, and get used to it fast.

5. The programme of God is, that when man is still small
His parents will take care, of him in all things
But when man becomes old, his own children will be
The ones to take good care, of him in everything.

6. For a man not to take, good care of his parents
For whatever excuse, he may choose to give
Is for him to be woes, than the unbelievers
And also to sow what, he will not like to reap.

7. It is real madness to, copy wicked sinners
In the way they often, treat their parents
Allowing them to, be hungry when alive
And then kill cows to ce-lebrate them when they die.