Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya, 12/3/2019. In my room early in the morning.

1. Repentance is the turning
From sin unto righteousness
From Satan unto Jesus
From idols unto the living God.

Chorus: Repent, repent today
Forsake, completely all your sins
Surrender your total life unto Jesus Christ
Be born again, before it is too late.

2. Everyman needs to repent
For all have sinned and come short
Of the great glory of God
And thus qualified for hell fire.

3. Repentance is necessary
Just as faith in Jesus Christ
For anyone to be sure
Of making eternity of peace.

4. Anyone who refuse’ to
Repent will surely perish
He will spend eternity
In the perilous lake of fire.

5. The rich man who went to hell
Said to father Abraham
That what it would take to miss
Hell fire is for man to repent.

6. Repentance is not complete
Until one has surrendered
His total life to Jesus
And become genuinely born again.

7. Jesus Christ will not cast out
Anyone who comes to Him
Rather He will forgive him
Cleanse him and make him a child of God.