Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya, 27/6/2016.

1. Make me to be like You Lord
In thoughts, in words, in actions
Everyday and every time
Everywhere I find myself /3ice.

2. Though You are God from heaven
When they found You in Temple
You submitted onto them
Make me a good child like You /3ice.

3. Then as a young man oh Lord
When You were with Your parents
Not one thing You did wrongly
Make me to do well like You /3ice.

4. Though You are equal with God
Your humbleness is so great
You served just like a servant
Make me humble Lord like You /3ice.

5. Though Satan tempted You Lord
Not one sin You committed
You use God’s word to fight Him
Make me overcome like You /3ice.

6. Enemies tried to push You
To say or do something wrong
Wisely You defeated them
Make me to be wise like You /3ice.

7. Frequenting sanctuary
You always read the Scriptures
As You always fulfilled them
Make me love God’s word like You /3ice.
8. You relied so much on God
That was why You always prayed
Before taking any step
Make me to trust God like You /3ice.

9. The will of God was Your will
You never did otherwise
Whatever the circumstance
Make me to obey like You /3ice.

10. Your time and all else You have
Lord You spent to work for God
Day and night and everywhere
Make me work for God like You /3ice.

11. You traveled from place to place
Looking for who needed help
Turning their sorrows to joy
Make me caring Lord like You /3ice.

12. Through Your great and mighty pow’r
You cast out demons oh Lord
You healed sickness and disease
Make me to be strong like You /3ice.

13. Everyone You came across
You tried to win his soul Lord
You were so compassionate
Make me to win souls like You /3ice.

14. When they came to arrest You
You performed a miracle
On one of Your enemies
Make me to so love like You /3ice.

15. When they nailed You to the cross
You prayed “Father forgive them
For they know not what they do”
Make me to forgive like You /3ice.