1. Let Your dew of heaven, fall upon me my God
    Let Your peace Holy Ghost, rule in my heart today
    Let Your grace my Jesus, be upon me today
    Make me gentle and meek, just like You my Lord /2ice.

Chorus: Heavenly dew, fall upon me
Fire of God, burn within me
Manna of God, feed me today
Make me so strong, strong for the Lord.

  1. Let Your favour my God, prepare the way for me
    Let Your light Holy Ghost, illuminate my path
    Let Your guidance Jesus, rule all my decisions
    Make me wise to do right, just like You my Lord /2ice.
  2. Let Your nearness my God, make me to be fearless
    Let Your life Holy Ghost, make me to be healthy
    Let Your joy my Jesus, make me to be joyful
    Make me strong to serve God, just like You my Lord /2ice.

  3. Let Your revelations, make me to be so sure
    Let Your support my Lord, make me to be upright
    Let Your prayer make me, ready for the rapture
    Make me fit for heaven, just like You my Lord /2ice.

Z. A. Ogunsanya, 19/2/2018. On my kneels during my quiet time, in the morning.
The chorus came while I was praying during hour of miracles in the church on 22/2/2018.