I composed this song on my bed, early in the morning, while meditating on the news of the death of my number one pastor friend in Ekiti (Pastor Akinola Adegbite, of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry), that I heard the previous evening. Though he had died in Ondo state since 10/11/2018, the wife said she refused to tell me of his death, so as not to disrupt the Interdenominational ministers programmes (which she knew through Facebook) that I was holding around the time.
Pastor Akinola was a friend indeed. We became friends after he was posted to Ikole Ekiti in 1980. He was bringing the whole of his Deeper Life Church members to fellowship with us (every Sunday) at the branch of Gospel Faith Mission that I was pastoring at Ikole Ekiti in the 80s. Till he died, he often visited me whenever he came for Deeper Life ministers’ conferences in Lagos, apart from communicating with me regularly on phone. I knew him to be a genuine and serious minded child of God, who was totally committed to God, his wife and children, and Deeper Life Bible Church.
Although I relocated to Lagos from Ikole Ekiti since 30 years ago (1988-2018), I am yet to have the kind of pastoral friendship I had with him. I have not gone to visit any church leader in his residence, the same way pastor Akinola and I were visiting one another. I have ministered behind Deeper Life pulpit only twice in my life: He was the first to invite me in the 80s. The second time was when the General Superintendent of the church (Pastor W. F. Kumuyi) made me to talk on behalf of PFN during a crusade he conducted in Ikeja Lagos on 22/9/2015. Also, Pastor Akinola was the first none Bible Pattern Church minister, to minister (in the 80s) behind the pulpit of Bible Pattern Church that I lead. Oh! God was and He is still very great, in his life. I am looking forward to reuniting with him and other friends in glory soon.

  1. I heard of the death of a dear brother
    After many years of serving the Lord
    I’m sure he’s now in the presence of God
    Rejoicing with the saints and the angels.

Chorus: It shall be glorious, when I depart this world
I will laid down my sword, and enter my mansion
I am looking forward, to the beautiful day
I will sing with angels, in the presence of God.
2. My brethren please do not be sorrowful
That one of us has gone to be with God
Surely one day we will meet him again
If we remain faithful unto the end.

  1. Heaven is a beautiful place to go
    It is a place of everlasting joy
    W’ll reunite with departed loved ones
    Where no evil can ever come to us.
  2. Bereavement often make us sorrowful
    But the Word says this is not right to do
    For one day we too will leave this world to
    Be united with the saints in glory.

  3. I have many loved ones in heaven now
    My child, parents, pastors and other friends
    They are waiting to reunite with me
    In a fellowship that will never end.

  4. I am not afraid to die now at all
    I am not afraid to leave this world now
    I am not afraid to go to heaven
    My welcome party is ready there now.

  5. Oh my friend please give your life to Jesus
    Then you will have a mansion in heaven
    Where you will go after leaving this world
    And thus escape suffering in hell fire.

Z. A. Ogunsanya, 21/11/2018. [Witting because of the death (on 10/11/2018) of my friend Pastor Akinola Adegbite].