Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya, 15/7/2017. The original song was “I am no for you Satan”. I wrote it at the church in Karaole, as the wedding of Sis. Funmi and Bro. Maglo Kojo (Iju pastor) was about to start. It is from that I developed this one on 22/7/2017. To do this, I only tried to change the message of every line to the opposite of what it was originally, and also changed the name “Satan” to “Jesus” in each of then. After all, Satan and Jesus are the direct opposite of one another. God is great.

  1. I am now for you Jesus
    You are now for me my Lord
    I will always do your will
    Stay with me, forever, Jesus.

Chorus: Stay with me today (Jesus)
Stay with me tomorrow (oh my Lord)
Stay with me always (Jesus)
Stay with me, forever
Jesus, stay with me.

  1. You are so faithful Jesus
    I will always believe you
    And thereby I will do well
    I will al-ways trust you, Jesus.

  2. You are merciful Jesus
    You are full of real goodness
    I will always follow You
    I will ne-ver look back, Jesus

  3. You are powerful Jesus
    You overcame the devil
    And deliver me from him
    What a real, friend you are, Jesus.

  4. You Love man so much Jesus
    You came to this world of sin
    To rescue man from his sin
    What a Sa-viour You are, Jesus.

  5. You died on the cross Jesus
    So that man will not perish
    That man may be forgiven
    I will al-ways serve you, Jesus.

  6. You are very great Jesus
    All power belongs to You
    You can do all things for me
    I will rest, upon You, Jesus.

  7. You are in heaven Jesus
    You are ruling in the world
    Your Spirit is in control
    I am se-cure in You, Jesus.

  8. In eternity Jesus
    You will be the king of kings
    And make me to reign with You
    And rejoice, forever, Jesus.