Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya, 16/1/2019.
During afternoon prayer of January partial fasting and prayer.

1. God still performs miracles (Hallelujah)
As He did in the Bible days (Hallelujah)
If you need His miracles
Come to Him in repentance
Give your life to Jesus Christ
And pray for His miracles
And it shall be done, for you, amen.

Chorus: God is calling you now, come to Him today
If you come to Him now, He will give to you
His blessings and goodness
His favour and support
And your life will never, be the same again.

2. God will not disappoint you (Hallelujah)
He is so good and so loving (Hallelujah)
If you come to Him for help
Turning away from Satan
And forsaking all your sins
Surrendering to Jesus Christ
His help will come down, for you, amen.

3. God is not too far away (Hallelujah)
He is so near to everyone (Hallelujah)
Wherever that you may be
If you call upon Him now
In the name of Jesus Christ
Promising to do His will
He will show you His, goodness, amen.
4. God is such a good Father (Hallelujah)
No one is as good as He is (Hallelujah)
If a sinner turns to Him
He will not cast Him away
But He will forgive his sins
Make Jesus to save his soul
And so make him His, own child, amen.