Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya, 7/4/2019. In my room after my Sunday works in the church, as part of my preparation for the interdenominational Bible study for church leaders of Monday. This is the 4th song I am using this tune to compose. The rest three are: My Lord Jesus I have something to tell you today, My fellow man I have something to tell you today and The Bible is the only Book of God in the world.

  1. Everybody come and hear who Jesus truly is
    I patiently search the scriptures before concluding
    Jesus is not who people often claim that He is
    He is not just a great prophet but, the true God
    Who made the world.

Chorus: Every man in every place
Needs to accept Jesus Christ
Needs to repent from his sins
Needs to become born again
Only through Jesus Christ)
Can a man be saved ) /2ice.

  1. Jesus had been existing before Adam was made
    He was not created but He was the creator of all
    Along with the Father and also Holy Spirit
    He created heaven and the earth and, everything
    That is in them.

  2. Though He incarnated He could not stop to be God
    He only laid aside all His omni qualities
    Omnipresence, omniscience also omnipotence
    So that He may die on the cross for, our sins
    And redeem us.

  3. Jesus therefore is the only Saviour of the world
    He has no equal among all heads of religion
    For a man to be saved he must surrender to Him
    After he must have repented from, all his sins

  4. There is no true salvation in any other man
    All others who claim to be saviours are deceivers
    None of those who follow them in the past was set free
    Rather they remained slaves of Satan, and demons
    Until they died.

  5. This is my beloved Son in whom I am very pleased
    Is what God first said before He gave us commandment
    That everyone who wants to please Him must follow Christ
    And be doing whatever He says, all the time
    And everywhere.

  6. Here is the conclusion of what we have been saying
    It is compulsory for all men to accept Jesus
    Not to do this is for one to despise His maker
    And prepare to suffer with Satan, after death
    In hell fire.