Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya, 23/6/2017.

Chorus: Bless our church oh Lord /3ice.
Jesus Christ, the head of the church.

  1. Bless us with salvation
    Bless us with holiness
    Bless us with Your power
    Jesus Christ, the Only Saviour.

  2. Bless us with genuine love
    Bless us with seriousness
    Bless us with faithfulness
    Jesus Christ, the true counselor.

  3. Bless us in headquarters
    Bless us in every branch
    Bless us in every house
    Jesus Christ, the true prince of peace.

  4. Bless us with good health Lord
    Bless us with protection
    Bless us with provisions
    Jesus Christ, the Lord everywhere.

  5. Bless us with Your word Lord
    Bless us with fear of God
    Bless us with prayerfulness
    Jesus Christ, the power of God.

  6. Give us Holy Ghost gifts
    Give us revelations
    Gives us testimonies
    Jesus Christ, the way, truth and life.

  7. Give us more of Your grace
    Give us more miracles
    Bless us with abundance
    Jesus Christ, the Almighty God.

  8. Bless all our children
    Bless all our youth Lord
    Bless all the elderly
    Jesus Christ, the ancient of days.

  9. Bless us in our homes
    Bless us in place of work
    Bless us in Your kingdom
    Jesus Christ, the hope of glory.