Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya, 3/2/2019. 190203 In my room on Sunday morning (4:00-5:10 am), while writing the sermon titled “How to sustain genuine miracles in a church”.

1. Almighty God of wonders
Give to us Your miracles
That we may show to the world
How great and gracious You are.

Chorus: No doubt about Your greatness (oh Lord)
No doubt about Your goodness (Father)
Always make the world to see (clearly)
How great You are through us Lord.

2. Father do signs and wonders
As we go to preach Your world
And in all our churches
Make Your miracles to flow.

3. Make our words powerful
Use our songs for wonders
And in our fellowships
Always perform miracles.

4. Make us to resist Satan
Also to cast out demons
And make us to heal the sick
And deliver the oppressed.

5. Father make the lame to walk
And cause the blind to see it
Also make the dump to talk
And cause the deaf to here them.

6. Give children to the barren
Make sick children to be healed
Provide for all the parents
To feed and train their children.

7. Give us miracles of wealth
Give us that of wisdom too
Make us to always succeed
In whatever we do Lord.

8. Give us miracles of joy
Also that of rest of mind
And above all else oh Lord
Take us to heaven at last.