Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya, 19/5/2019. In my room, while preparing for the interdenominational Bible study of Monday.

1. Sin is a great enemy of man
A destructive enemy indeed
Man has no any other problem
That can totally destroy like sin.

Chorus: Sin is not just a tool of Satan
                Sin is a great master of Satan
                Anyone who indulges in sin
                Is a wretched slave to both of them
                And will forever perish with them.

2. Though Satan is a great enemy
And he hates man with passion indeed
He too is a wretched slave of sin
He’s powerless where there is no sin.

3. What makes Satan to be less than sin
Is the fact that it was sin that made
Lucifer to become the devil
Satan is truly a slave of sin.

4. Satan cannot destroy anyone
Unless he works through the help of sin
If any man forsake all his sins
Satan can never overcome him.

5. Everyone that Satan overcame
Was defeated through the help of sin
Wherever there is no sin at all
Satan is totally powerless.

6. The witches and other enemies
That are helping Satan to destroy
Cannot work in the life of a man
That Jesus Christ has saved from his sins.

7. Sin will take a man to hell fire
And make him to suffer forever
Therefore every man needs to repent
And surrender his life to Jesus.

8. Though Jesus has died for all men’s sins
Men are still going to hell fire
For one to benefit from His death
He will need to forsake all his sins.

9. Hell the eternal home of sinners
Is a terrible place of suffering
All sinners who go to hell fire
Will suffer throughout eternity.