Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 27/3/2017. During prayer at the beginning of Yoruba Bible study.

Refrain: I have come before Your holy throne 1700
I have come to be blessed once again
I have come to You oh Lord my God
May I not, remain, the same in anyway.

  1. When I came as a wretched sinner
    To the cross where Your son died for me
    Then You gave to me eternal life
    Once again, bless me, with Your goodness oh Lord.

  2. Nothing of this world can satisfy
    The longing deep down now in my heart
    I need more of You oh Lord today
    Once again, fill me, with Your fullness oh Lord.

  3. Life is so empty without You Lord
    Only in You there is fulfillment
    Release more of Your grace upon me
    Once again, make me, to overflow with joy.

  4. The Comforter that You promised Lord
    Made life so meaningful for the saints
    Who served You since the Bible days Lord
    Once again, make Him, to fill me to the brim.

  5. In the day and also in my dreams
    In my house and also on the road
    Make me to think about You always
    That evil, thoughts will, have no place in my heart.

  6. Let there be clear evidence my Lord
    That He that is in me is greater
    Than he that is in the world today
    That I may, be so, strong, bold and courageous.

  7. When it is time for me to depart
    From this world to the great beyond Lord
    Make me to be so full of Your love
    That my heart, will have, no fear, pain or trouble.