Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 3/3/2017.

Refrain: Unto You oh Lord I bring my praise
You are worthy to be glorified
There is no king anywhere like You
This is why all creatures praise You Lord

  1. At the time You were creating the world
    Holy angels were singing Your praise
    Every-time they never stop to sing
    Singing and worshipping You oh Lord.
  2. Heaven is always full of singing
    Holy, holy songs of the angels
    That they sing to praise Your holy name
    There is no lord anywhere like You.

  3. The saints of old sang psalms unto You
    Moses, David, also Solomon
    Miriam, Deborah, also Mary
    And many others who praised Your name.

  4. As bad as the world may be today
    Your praises are still sung everywhere
    Anyone who will not praise Your name
    Is surely less than an animal.

  5. In your churches everywhere today
    Singing praises is a major work
    Both for aged and also the youth
    Children also sing Your praises Lord.

  6. In the deep waters of the oceans
    And also very high in the sky
    And in all the forests of the earth
    The songs of creatures praise You oh Lord.

  7. Man may not know what they are singing
    All the trees and every other plant
    As they wave their branches and their leaves
    But for sure it is to praise You Lord.

  8. Thank You Lord for giving me a mouth
    I am using to sing unto You
    Praising You creates deep joy in my heart
    Forever I will sing unto You.

  9. Count me worthy to be among them
    The saints that will praise You in heaven
    When they sing their special songs to You
    The songs angels cannot join to sing.



Egbe: Mo fi’yin mi fun O Oluwa 1389
Iwo l’O ye lati yin l’ogo
Ko si oba kan t’o dabi Re
Gbogbo eda l’o nfi’yin fun O.

  1. Ni’gba ti Iwo un da aye
    Awon angeli nkorin sin O
    D’oni won ko siwo orin won
    Ti won fi ngbe O ga Oluwa.

  2. Ni’gba gbogbo l’orin gb’orun kan
    Mimo mimo orin angeli
    Ti won fi ngbe oruko Re ga
    Ko s’oluwa kan t’o dabi Re

  3. Awon ti’gbani korin yin O
    Mose, Dafidi, Solomoni
    Meriamu, Debora, Maria
    At’opo t’o f’orin gbe O ga.

  4. B’aye ti buru to l’oni yi
    Iyin Re gba aye kan sibe
    Enit’o ba ko l’ati yin O
    Ko san ju eranko lasan lo.

  5. Ni gbogbo ijo Re l’aye yi
    Ise pataki l’orin ‘yin Re
    F’arugbo ati awon odo
    Omode pelu nkorin ‘yin Re.

  6. Ni’sale gbogbo omi okun
    Ati ni oke ofurufu
    Ni gbogbo aginju aye yi
    Iyin Re l’orin ti eda nko.

  7. Orin won le ma ye eniyan
    Gbogbo igi ati eweko
    Gbogbo eka ati ewe won
    Ni won fi ngbe O ga Oluwa.

  8. Mo dupe fun enu t’O fun mi
    Ti mo fi nko orin iyin Re
    Iyin Re nf’ayo kun okan mi
    Titi lae ni uno Ko’rin ‘yin Re.

  9. Ka mi ye Baba ni arin won
    Awon mimo ti yo gbe O ga
    ‘Gba won ba nkorin yin O l’orun
    Orin t’angeli ko ni le ko.