Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 26/2/2017.

  1. There is no hopeless situation
    That the power of the Lord, cannot handle
    In Jesus Christ, there is hope for you
    Therefore put your trust, in Him today.

Chorus: Do not lose hope
Don’t let Satan take over your life…
Put your hope in Jesus Christ…
It shall be well, I know…
It shall be well, very well, with you.

  1. Then at Cana of Galilee
    Jesus turned water to wine, at the wedding
    Thus He changed hope-less situation
    To a miracle, for the couple.

  2. Peter and his group labored in vain
    At the sea of Galilee, they caught no fish
    Jesus came and, told them what to do
    Then they had a great, draught of fishes.

  3. A lot of people came to Jesus
    With diversity of ail-ments and troubles
    Each one of them, received deliverance
    The same Jesus Christ, can do your own.

  4. God anointed Jesus Christ the Lord
    And He went about doing, good unto all
    Healing all that, the devil oppressed
    Also today He, can still help you.

  5. Jesus is calling “come unto me”
    All ye that labour and are, heavy laden
    “Take my yoke on, you and learn of me”
    “Ye shall find my rest, unto your souls”.

  6. Anyone who comes unto Jesus
    Whatever his state He will, not cast away
    If you too come, He will receive you
    He will give to you, all that you need.

  7. Therefore come to Jesus Christ today
    With whatever may be dis-turbing your life
    Just like He did, for people of old
    He will turn sorrow, to joy for you.

  8. But to refuse to come to Jesus
    Is to make one’s soul ready, for damnation
    Only in Him, is eternal life
    There is no other, way unto God.