Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 12/5/2016.

  1. Take far-away Lord, sickness and disease
    And all spiritual ailments, from my life
    Make me to be strong, and very healthy
    Bless me with Your health, and make me whole.

Unless You make me whole, Satan will oppress me
Unless You make me whole, my life will not settle
Unless You make me whole, I cannot be who I ought to be
But, if You make me whole Jesus, it shall be well with me
Therefore, come and make me whole, Lord make me whole
Dear Lord, Jesus come and make me whole now
And let me live in peace.

  1. Exodus fifteen, in verse twenty-six
    You will put none of disease, of Egypt
    Upon my body, is what You promised
    For you are the Lord, that healeth me.
  2. By Your stripes oh Lord, You have made us whole
    Sickness has no right therefore, in my life
    Command sicknesses, and all diseases
    To stay away Lord, now from my life.

  3. Just like other men, who were in the world
    You suffered temptation and, real hardship
    But one thing is sure, You were never sick
    Give me the same grace, and make me whole.

  4. Apaphroditus, and many others
    In the New Testament were, sometimes sick
    But when they call u-pon You, You healed them
    In the same way Lord, make me whole now.

  5. Your word also says, I wish above all
    That you may prosper and be, in good health
    Just like your soul is, prosperous today
    Bring Your word to pass, and make me whole.

  6. Sickness and disease, are not gifts from you
    They have nothing good to do, in my life
    Make me free from them, all days of my life
    That I may serve You, in healthiness.

  7. In the Bible days, both saints and sinners
    Who sought Your help for healing, You healed them
    With the same mercy, with which You heal them
    Come quickly my Lord, and make me whole.

  8. You sent Your word and, You delivered them
    From all their sicknesses and, diseases
    Send now the same word, into my systems
    In spirit, soul, bo-dy make me whole.


Fa won tu Baba, arun at’aisan
12/5/2016. Translation to Yoruba at intercity Hotel Magdeburg Germany 27/5/2016.

  1. Fa won tu Baba, arun at’aisan 860
    At’awon arun t’emi, l’aye mi
    Fun mi ni’wosan, ati ilera
    F’alafia Re, kun aye mi.

Egbe: Baba wa wo mi san, k’Esu ma daamu mi
Baba wa wo mi san, k’okan mi k’o bale
Baba wa wo mi san, k’emi le ri, b’o ti ye ki nri
Ba-ba ti O ba wo mi san, yo dara fun mi
‘Tori-na wa wo mi san, wa wo mi San
Jesu, mi wa wo mi san l’oni yi
Fun mi l’alafia.

  1. Iwe Eksodu, ori kedogun
    Ese ‘keridinlogbon, so wipe
    Arun Egypti, ki yo je te mi
    Iwo l’Oluwa, t’O nwo mi san.

  2. Nipa ina Re, l’a un wo wa san
    Aisan ko ni eto mo, l’aye mi
    Pa’se fun arun, ati aisan
    Ki won lo kuro, nin’aye mi.

  3. O fi ara da, opo isoro
    Bii ti gbogbo eniyan, nin’aye
    Sugbon iwo ko, saisan ni’gba kan
    Se mi bii tiRe, m’ara mi le.

  4. Epafroditu, at’opo miran
    Ninu Majemu Titun, se aisan
    ‘Gba won kepe O, O se ‘wosan won
    Ni ona kan na, wa wo mi san.

  5. O tun so fun wa, ninu oro Re
    Mo fe ki e wa ninu, ilera
    Ati anito, ko dara fun yin
    Wa m’oro Re se, k’O wo mi san.

  6. Aisan at’arun, ki’se ebun Re
    Won ko wulo l’aye mi, rarara
    Gba mi l’owo won, l’ojo aye mi
    K’emi le sin O, pelu ‘lera.

  7. Ninu Bibeli, gbogbo eniyan
    T’o be O fun iwosan, l’O wosan
    Aanu Re t’O fi, wo gbogbo won san
    Ran si emi na, k’O wo mi san.

  8. O ran oro Re, O tu won sile
    Ninu gbogbo arun won, at’aisan
    Ran oro kan na, sinu ara mi
    Ati emi mi, k’o wo mi san.