Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date:16/3/2016.
1.Jesus the Mighty God
The Old Testament prophets
And the New Testament writers
They all knew You as God.

Chorus: Jesus You are great (You are great)
Very wonderful (wonderful)
Jesus You are excellent
There is no Lord like You.

  1. In Your pre-existence
    You visited Abraham
    Jacob, Moses and Joshua
    And so many others.
  2. Born by virgin mother
    You educated doctors
    And surprised Joseph and Mary
    There is no child like You.
  3. At the river Jordan
    John revealed You as the Lord
    Holy Ghost came down upon You
    No one there was like You.
  4. Tempted by the Devil
    You did not make one mistake
    You lived a very special life
    So pleasing onto God
  5. You cast out the demons
    You taught like no other one
    You confounded Your opposers
    No rabbi is like You.
  6. You walk on boisterous sea
    You healed all kind of disease
    And You brought the dead back to life
    As You still the tempest.
  7. You died and rose again
    Ascended back to heaven
    One day You will come back again
    And will judge the whole world.
  8. You are King in heaven
    You are the Lord in this world
    You are the owner of my Life
    Jesus You are my God.
  9. My life I’ll live for You
    I will draw men onto You
    At last I will go back with You
    To Your heavenly home.