Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 18/01/2017.

  1. Jesus only is, the Saviour of man
    Jesus is the One, who died for all men
    Jesus is the One, who rose from the dead
    Jesus only, can save you
    Jesus only (yes) /3ice.
    Can save you.

  2. All power belongs, unto Jesus Christ
    Power of life and, also that of death
    Power to heal and, to bless and to keep
    Jesus only, can heal you
    Jesus only (yes) /3ice.
    Can heal you.

  3. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life
    The mediator, between God and man
    This is because He, is both God and man
    Jesus only, can redeem
    Jesus only (yes) /3ice.
    Can redeem.

  4. Jesus is the true, shepherd that man needs
    Only true Him God, will meet all your needs
    For in Jesus Christ, God keeps all good things
    Jesus only, can bless you
    Jesus only (yes) /3ice.
    Can bless you.

  5. Every man needs to, come to Jesus Christ
    For true salvation, and for provision
    And also for the, divine protection
    Jesus only, can keep you
    Jesus only (yes) /3ice.
    Can keep you.

  6. Jesu will judge all, the quick and the dead
    Jesus’ followers, cannot be condemned
    His enemies will, go to hell fire
    Jesus only, can rescue
    Jesus only (yes) /3ice.
    Can rescue.

  7. Jesus only has, good homes to give to
    All His people in, the eternity
    In His father’s house, are many mansions
    Jesus only, is the Lord
    Jesus only (yes) /3ice.
    Is the Lord.