Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 2/4/2017. On my bed, 3:10 to 4:15 am

  1. Though Satan is the king, of the kingdom of darkness
    He often transforms himself, to an angel of light
    This is only, to be able to catch the believers
    That are in the light of God.

Chorus: Satan is your enemy
Don’t listen to him at all
If he talks to you in your heart
Or through any of his agents
Only evil, he has in mind
For you and for all.

  1. Though Satan is against, all the genuine believers
    He always likes to counsel, them about everything
    This he does to, lead them into error and damnation
    So as to make them perish.

  2. Though Satan is in charge, everything evil on earth
    He also establishes, religions and churches
    For the purpose, of keeping men in his evil kingdom
    Thinking they are serving God.

  3. Though Satan is opposed, to Christ and all His program
    He often pretends to be, his representative
    Working through his, appointed church leaders and bad pastors
    To lead men to hell fire.

  4. Though Satan is leading, his children to hell fire
    He always promises them, they are for paradise
    Making them to, reject the salvation of Jesus Christ
    Claiming they belong to God.

  5. Though Satan does not have, anything good to give man
    He always offers to man, money and enjoyment
    But at the end, what they get is suffering, sorrow and woe
    And a place in hell fire.