Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 30/12/2017.

Refrain: Shout it, on the mountains
Shout it, on the hills
Shout it, in the valleys
Tell it everywhere.

  1. What the Lord is doing, in your life
    What He has done for You, anytime
    Tell it to other men, around you
    Tell it all the time.

  2. Miracles He has done, in your life
    Your prayers he answered, anytime
    Share it will other men, all around
    Share it all the time.

  3. What God has done for me, are many
    I cannot tell it all, anytime
    Come and rejoice with me, everyone
    Praise the Lord with me.

  4. If you look at your life, even now
    You will see that the Lord, He’s so good
    You therefore has something, to announce
    Make it known abroad.

  5. As the children of God, in the world
    We enjoy so many, miracles
    Our neighbors also, need the same
    Show them God’s goodness.

  6. Unless the world see signs, and wonders
    They will not believe Christ, and be save
    We need to tell them of, God’s wonders
    And make them believe.

  7. As the light of the world, we need to
    Reveal the love of God, to the world
    By exhibiting God’s, wondrous works???
    Display it today.