Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 27/9/2016.

  1. My dear friend weep no more, instead come quickly
    Bring all your problems, unto Jesus Christ
    No one came to Him, and not got pleasant surprise.

Chorus: Just as Jesus did this, He can do your own
Surely in the same way, He will do your own
For the state of the world now
Your weeping may last, for a whole night
Your problems may persist, for so many days
But surely in Jesus, there is real hope for you
A Amen, so shall it be, unto me.

  1. For 12 years the woman, with issue of blood
    Was looking for help, from all kinds of men
    But in a moment, Jesus solve all her problems.
  2. Lazarus that was dead, for complete four days
    When Jesus got there, and then prayed for him
    He quickly arose, and went to his home with joy.

  3. Also the ten lepers, that met with Jesus
    Jesus talk to them, a short while after
    They realized that, they had been healed by Jesus.

  4. The widow of Nain then, whose only son died
    As Jesus saw her, and torched the coffin
    Her son then arose, and went home with his mother.

  5. The sick man with palsy, that could walk no more
    Whom four men carried, to where Jesus was
    And as he got there, Jesus healed him right away.

  6. When the blind Batemus, cried unto Jesus
    And Jesus stood still, and asked him to come
    And immediately, Jesus gave him back his sight.

  7. Only five loafs of bread, and only two fish
    Jesus blessed and gave, unto the people
    Five thousand men eat, they also have leftover.

  8. The impotent man then, who laid at the pool
    For 38 years, but received no help
    When he saw Jesus, he received healing quickly.

  9. The man of Gadarenes, that lived in the tomb
    Because he was mad, for so many years
    When he saw Jesus, he became free right away.


  1. Ore ma sokun mo, tete ma an bo
    Gbe isoro re, wa s’odo Jesu
    Ko s’eni t’o wa, ti Jesu ko yal’enu.

Egbe: Bi Jesu ti se’yi, O le se tire
Ani b’O ti se’yi, ni yo se tire.
Tori bi aye ti ri
Ekun re le pe, di ale kan
Isoro re le gun, fun ojo pipe
Sugbon l’odo Jesu, ireti wa fun o
Amin o, bee ni k’ori, fun mi o.

Gbagbo o, ko s’aseti, l’odo Re.??

  1. Fun odun mejila, l’onisun-eje
    Fi wa iranwo, l’odo eniyan
    Sugbon l’ojo kan, ni Jesu tan ‘soro re.

  2. Lasaru ti o ku, fun ojo merin
    ‘Gba Jesu de be, t’O gbadura fun
    O si ji dide, o f’ayo lo si’le re.

  3. Adete mewa yen, ti won ri Jesu
    L’ehin t’O so’ro, won ye’ra won wo
    Won si ri wipe, gbogbo won l’O ti wosan.

  4. Opo ti Naini, ti omo re ku
    O pade Jesu, Jesu f’owo kan
    Posi omo na, l’ogan l’o si fo dide.

  5. Alarun egba ni, ti ko le rin mo
    Awon ore gbe, wa s’odo Jesu
    B’o si ti de’be, ni Jesu mu l’arada.

  6. ‘Gbati Batimeu, ke’gbe si Jesu
    Jesu duro je, O sope k’o wa
    L’oju ese ni, O si la oju re fun.

  7. Akara marun ni, at’eja meji
    Jesu sure si, t’O si gbe kale
    Egbegberun ni, awon t’o je t’o seku.

  8. Alarun ti o wa, l’eti adagun
    Fun odun meji, din ni ogoji
    B’o ti ri Jesu, l’o si gba iwosan re.

  9. Okunrin Gadara, nibi iboji
    Fun opo odun, l’o fi ya were
    B’o ti ri Jesu, l’ogan l’o d’ominira.