Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 31/7/2017.

  1. Jesus my dear Lord and king
    The only Saviour I have
    I put all my hope in You
    Keep me in Your perfect love.

Chorus: My dear Lord I need You everyday
Everywhere I find myself
So that no evil of this world
Will have a place in my life.

  1. Do not allow any sin
    To come back into my life
    Make me to be very strong
    To resist all temptations.

  2. Grant me your understanding
    That I may take to Your word
    Make me to please You always
    Every where and everyday.

  3. Cancel all the Satan’s plan
    That he may have for me Lord
    Destroy all the traps and snares
    That he may set for me Lord.

  4. Steady my footsteps oh Lord
    Make me steadfast in the faith
    That I may never look back
    From the path of righteousness.

  5. In the morning in the night
    At the noon and all the time
    Whatever may be my lot
    Make me to remain faithful.

  6. In Your Father’s home above
    Where You have gone to prepare
    Count me worthy to be there
    That I may live with You there.