Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 15/7/2017. As the bro. Maglo’s wedding was about to start

  1. I am not for you Satan
    You are not for me at all
    I will never do your will
    Stay away, from my life, Satan.

Chorus: Stay away today (Satan)
Stay away tomorrow (from my life)
Stay away always (Satan)
Stay away, forever
Satan, stay away.

  1. A liar you are Satan
    Anyone who believes you
    Will surely fall into snares
    I will not, believe you, Satan.

  2. You are so dangerous Satan
    You have nothing good at all
    Anyone who follows you
    Will regret, forever, Satan.

  3. You are so wicked Satan
    You tempted Adam and Eve
    And you pushed them into sin
    What a real, foe you are, Satan.

  4. You hate men so mush Satan
    You always creat men problems
    But disguising as a friend
    I will not, be your friend, Satan.

  5. You tempted Jesus Satan
    But Jesus overcame you
    Therefore also in my life
    You will fail, woefully, Satan.

  6. Heaven expelled you Satan
    Then you fell into the world
    Saying no one will go there
    You will not, hinder me, Satan.

  7. You will go to hell Satan
    You don’t want to go alone
    You want to take men along
    I will not, go with you, Satan.