Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 2/4/2017. During worship time on a Sunday.

  1. I am not afraid any more in my life
    For Jesus has given to me full assurance
    That whatever the devil may try in my life
    I will never fail, I will never fall.

Chorus: I am for Jesus, I have no other Lord
I will serve my Jesus, today and forever.

  1. I will never tun back from my Lord Jesus
    Because in Him alone I have all that I need
    Today, tomorrow and in all eternity
    Jesus will not fail, or disappoint me.

  2. Anyone who refused to follow Jesus
    Satan will be so free to operate in his life
    Both in this life and also in eternity
    He will know no peace, joy or rest of mind.

  3. My friend give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ
    In Him alone you have hope of eternal life
    Whatever may happen thereafter in your life
    Jesus will be there, to take care of you.

  4. Everyone who followed Jesus in time past
    Enjoyed the true goodness of God here in the world
    And after their death they went straight to paradise
    There forever they, will be so joyful.