Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 25/10/2017. Early in the morning, partly
while sitting on my bed, party while on my kneels.

  1. I am for You oh my Lord
    I will praise and worship You
    Every time and everywhere
    In whatever condition
    I will do Your will oh Lord
    With my mouth I will praise You
    With my hands I will serve You
    And with everything I have
    I will always work for You.

Chorus: Jesus You are my Lord forever (and ever)
Father You are my only God (forever)
Holy Ghost I will always do Your will (Your true will)
Count me worthy to stay on Your side forever (and ever).

  1. I am free now from my sins
    Satan is no more my Lord
    Jesus is now my shepherd
    Holy Ghost is now my guide
    I am now a child of God
    I will sing and worship God
    I will pray and read Bible
    I will win souls for Jesus
    I will fellowship with saints.

  2. I enjoy now pease of mind
    My prayers are now answered
    Fear and worries are now gone
    All my hope is now in God
    It is so sweet to serve God
    Everywhere God is with me
    In my dreams Jesus is near
    Holy Ghost is in my heart
    What a good life I now live.

  3. I am on the narrow way
    Heading to heaven of Joy
    Where in all eternity
    I will live in my mansion
    Jesus is building for me
    I will know no more suffering
    I will know no more sorrow
    In my father’s home above
    I will forever rejoice.