Composed by Z. A .Ogunsanya Date: 12/10/2017. On my bed, from around 4:00 am to 5:37.

Refrain: I am born again I know
I am saved, I’m a child of God
I’m no longer a slave of Satan
Heaven now is my eternal home.

  1. I was lost and dead in sin
    And Satan made me his own slave
    And made me to do his evil will
    But today I am now a Christian.

  2. When I was still a sinner
    My thoughts, my words and all actions
    Was just like that of a real mad man
    But today I live like a real saint.

  3. My sins made me so fearful
    There was no true peace in my heart
    I was on my way to hell fire
    But today my story has now changed.

  4. All the days I spent in sin
    Brought nothing good in to my life
    But wretchedness and real hopelessness
    But today I have hope in Jesus.

  5. I am now free from all sins
    God has saved and cleanse my whole life
    My name is now in the book of life
    Jesus is now my Lord and shepherded.

  6. Holy Ghost His now with me
    My life is now full of God’s grace
    I am now favored in all areas
    And today I live a real sweet life.

  7. When I leave this world at last
    I will be with my Jesus Christ
    In the home of the King of heaven
    In eternity of peace and joy.