Refrain: Give, give unto God /3ice. 180107
When you give to God )
God will give unto you ) /2ice.

  1. First book of Samuel
    Chapter two verse thirty
    Give honor to God
    When you honor God )
    God will honor you too) /2ice.
  2. Malachi three ten
    Bring all tithes unto God
    Pay, pay it promptly
    When you pay your tithe)
    Heaven will rain for you ) /2ice.

  3. Luke six thirty eight
    Give offerings unto God
    Give also to men
    When you give to God)
    God will give unto you) /2ice.

  4. Second Corinthians
    Chapter nine and verse six
    Sow bountifully
    When you sow plenty )
    You will harvest plenty) /2ice.

  5. Seventh Galatians
    In verse number seven
    For God is not mocked
    Whatever you sow )
    That you will also reap) /2ice.

  6. Matthew chapter six
    And in verse twenty one
    Jesus says to us
    Where your treasure is )
    Is where your heart will be) /2ice.

Z. A. Ogunsanya, 7/1/2018. On my bed on Sunday morning,
While meditating of the covenant Sunday message.