Composed be Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 03/08/2017. On my bed.

  1. Father take the Glory
    Father take honor
    Father take adoration
    That I bring to You.

Chorus: Halle, hallelujah
Glory be to God
Glory be to Jesus Christ
And to Holy Ghost.

  1. I have many reasons
    To worship You God
    Your goodness Lord in my life
    Is so marvelous.

  2. When the devil thought that
    He has finished me
    Your mercy and grace oh Lord
    Gave me victory.

  3. Even when I drifted
    Away from Your path
    Your graces and Your favour
    Pulled me back to You.

  4. Everyday of my life
    I will praise your name
    I will proclaim to the world
    That I am Your child.

  5. I will never stop to
    Worship You my God
    And never stop to proclaim
    That You are my God.

  6. Whatever condition
    I may find myself
    Doing Your will will be my
    Number one pursuit.

  7. And in eternity
    I will live with You
    I will be free from all the
    Troubles of the world.