Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 28/4/2017.

  1. Everyday, I enjoy Your goodness Lord
    I’m so happy, I belong to You Lord
    And therefore, I have fully decided
    To follow You forevermore.

Chorus: Thank You Lord Jesus
        You have been so good to me
        Thank You Lord Jesus
        You are my Lord forevermore.

  1. In this world, there are many traps and snares
    That Satan sets, to catch children of God
    By Your grace, we did not fall into them
    You made him to fail over us.

  2. All the saints, who served You Lord in time past
    Were tempted by, the devil and his host
    But they o-vercame by Your help oh Lord
    I’m trusting You for the same help.

  3. At a time, when Satan made me to fall
    Into trials, errors and confusion
    And I call, on Your name for assistance
    You pulled me out and made me stand.

  4. Satan is, always hopeful in his heart
    That by and by, he will truly get us
    But You are, praying for us in heaven
    That we will always stand upright.

  5. When we end, our sojourning down here
    And we will give, accounts of our lives
    Some will be, told that I never knew you
    But we shall reign with You on thrones.