Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 20/4/2017. This song is based on the message I preached during the hour of miracles of 20/42017. It came while I was putting finishing torches to the writing the message.

  1. All the miracles in the early church
    Were as a result of their faithfulness
    Commitment to God, and dedication
    Especially, in the area, of preaching the gospel.

Chorus:The early believers, with great power
They preached everywhere
Great miracles, God made them to perform
The same God, Who did it through them
He is still alive, to do more today.

  1. To be a genuine Jesus’ follower
    One must first be saved and be living right
    Praying onto God, reading the Bible
    Going to church, fighting Satan, and preaching the gospel.

  2. They went everywhere to preach Jesus Christ
    The Lord worked with them confirming their word
    With signs and wonders as He had promised
    We too will have, the same result, if we preach the gospel.

  3. Peter raise the lame at the Temple gate
    When he was going to preach the gospel
    If we too will go to preach the gospel
    Holy Spirit, will make us strong, as we preach the gospel.

  4. The house was shaking as they were praying
    Praying onto God for more grace to preach
    If we too will pray and preach the gospel
    Our prayers, will do wonders, as we preach the gospel.

  5. Shadow of Peter was healing the sick
    The apron of Paul performed miracles
    If we too will preach seriously like them
    God will use us, to do wonders, as we preach the gospel.

  6. Stephen saw Jesus standing in heaven
    As he was being killed for preaching Jesus
    If we too will take preaching seriously
    We will have the, divine support, as we preach the gospel.

  7. Jesus converted Saul their enemy
    When he was going to kill more of them
    If we too will preach to both friends and foes
    There will be more, great conversions, as we preach the gospel.

  8. Peter was rescued from Herod’s prison
    Though God allowed him to kill brother James
    Whatever happens if we preach Jesus
    God will give us, more miracles, as we preach the gospel.

  9. Herod the king that was killing them then
    God made worms to eat him right on his throne
    Thus God put an end to his arrogance
    God can still shut, enemies mouths, as we preach the gospel.