Composed by Z. A. Ogunsanya Date: 15/3/2017.

  1. My decision is, to follow Jesus.
    My decision is, to run from sin and Satan
    My decision is, to serve the living God
    This my decision, is permanent.

Chorus: My Lord Jesus I will follow You
All the time, and in every condition
I will follow You my Lord
Now and forever.

  1. No one anywhere, can make me look back
    Whatever happens, I will follow my Jesus
    In peace and trouble, Jesus is my Master
    I have decided, to follow Him.

  2. This my Lord Jesus, is so wonderful
    No one else can do, what He is doing for me
    He has made me to, become a Child of God
    I will follow Him, forevermore.

  3. He has saved my soul, washed away my sins
    With His precious blood, He gave me Holy Spirit
    Who else can give me, such a blessing like these
    Jesus is my Lord, forevermore.

  4. He gives me power, to live above sin
    He gives me power, to do the true will of God
    He gives me power, to overcome Satan
    I am for Jesus, forevermore.

  5. He creates in my heart, the hope of heaven
    When I leave this world, I will go to live with Him
    I am no longer, a candidate of hell
    Jesus is my Lord, forevermore.